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Keyboard Options for Injured Workers with CTS or Other Hand Injuries

Posted in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Workplace safety
I asked Laurie Clemens, director of the Professional Institute of Technology & Accounting (PITA)  here in Las Vegas, what keyboard options she has tried when retraining injured workers with hand or arm injuries that make typing difficult. While there are medical differences of opinion as to whether typing can cause carpal tunnel syndrome, there is no… Continue Reading

OSHA Regulations on Reporting Fatalities and Serious Injuries in Nevada

Posted in Uncategorized, Workplace safety
New OSHA regulations go into effect the first of this year that increase the reporting requirements for employers of more than 10 employees of work-related  serious injuries.  The December 22, 2014 article in theLas Vegas  Business Press states that with increased funding and expanded enforcement Nevada employers have noticed increased OHSA investigations. Reportable serious injuries… Continue Reading

Bad News for Nevada Injured Workers Who Fall At Work?

Posted in exclusive remedy
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2010, about a fifth of all  workplace fatalities in Nevada were caused by a worker falling. Almost every serious fall injury  I’ve handled in the Nevada work comp arena in the past fifteen years was caused  either by the employer’s obvious  failure to follow safe work practices, or the employee’s own unsafe actions. … Continue Reading

Why You Can’t Sue Your Employer in Nevada

Posted in exclusive remedy
People who contact me after getting hurt as a result of an unsafe work condition ask about suing their employer. In this lousy economy many employers are trying to save a buck by not following safety procedures to protect employees from foreseeable accidents.  The worker who ends up hurt due to an obvious unsafe work condition or practice feels angry toward… Continue Reading

Legislative Proposals to Increase Workplace Safety

Posted in Workplace safety
Following sharp criticism by federal authorities of Nevada’s failure to appropriately  address the rash of workplace deaths and employers’ safety  violations in the recent past, a state legislative subcommittee met and agreed on several legislative proposals.  The sub-committee’s recommended bill drafts for the 2011 legislative session include imposing higher fines on employers, forwarding information on… Continue Reading

The Exclusive Remedy Rule

Posted in exclusive remedy
I am asked so many questions about whether an  injured worker can sue his employer that I have written an explanatory article entitled, "Can I Sue My Employer".  That article is in the Information Center at  I have included the citations to the Nevada Supreme Court  decisions that discuss the exceptions to the exclusive remedy… Continue Reading

Time to Change Exclusive Remedy Law in Nevada

Posted in Benefits, Death benefits, exclusive remedy, Workplace safety
I am surprised that no one is discussing making changes to Nevada’s exclusive remedy law as one of many proposed solutions to the workplace safety problem. The recent U.S. House and Senate Committee hearings on Capitol Hill concerning OSHA’s role in investigating workers’ fatalities prompted a suggestion from Representative Dina Titus this week that criminal… Continue Reading

Workplace Safety In Nevada

Posted in DIR complaints, Workplace safety
Congratulations to Alexandra Berzon, a journalist with the Las Vegas Sun, for recently winning the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for her investigative reporting last year of the 9 construction workers who died at CityCenter in a 16-month time period. Ms. Berzon continues to report on the reforms, or rather the lack of significant reforms to… Continue Reading