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Warning: Get Your Reopening Request Right

Posted in Reopening rights
Injured workers should be aware that if their insurer denies their request to reopen their claim, they may not request reopening again for at least a year.  For example, if you send a letter to the insurer asking to reopen your claim, but you do not attach any supporting medical reports, your request will be denied.  If you… Continue Reading

Crazy Interpretation of the Law on Reopening

Posted in Reopening rights
I have a client who recently reopened his workers’ compensation claim with Employers Insurance of Nevada so that he could have a back surgery for his worsened spinal  injury.  I sent over the physician progress report from  his surgeon, taking him off work from the date of the surgical procedure until the day of the next follow up office visit… Continue Reading

Reopening Revisited

Posted in Reopening rights
So many of the phone calls and emails I receive are about how to reopen a closed claim that  I am providing useful links to the articles and blogs I’ve written about reopening.   Please read these articles, as they do take you step by step through the process to first determine whether you can reopen your… Continue Reading

What to Do After Your Claim Is Reopened

Posted in Reopening rights
If you manage to jump through the hoops to finally get your claim reopened for more treatment, what’s next?  (If you are still having trouble reopening your claim, please click here for help in reopening your claim.) 1. Send the insurer the bill for the doctor’s exam and report that was used to reopen your… Continue Reading