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Is Your Work Comp Insurer Broke and Belly Up?

Posted in Miscellaneous
Builders Insurance Company has gone into receivership and will have all claims issued under its workers' compensation policies paid through the Nevada Insurance Guaranty Association, while its administrator S&C Claims Services will continue to handle other claims decisions, such as medical authorizations, PPD award amounts, and vocational rehabilitation.… Continue Reading

Holiday Hours

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Our office will be closed for the Christmas holiday on December 24, 25, and 26.  We will be open on Thursday, December 27 and Friday, December 28. We will also be closed on Monday, December 31, and January 1, 2013.  We will be open on Jan.2. Happy Holidays! … Continue Reading

Health Care Directives Are Necessary for Everyone

Posted in Miscellaneous
Attorney Laura Stubberud is an experienced estate planning attorney who wrote the following guest blog post.  I thought it was important information for injured workers.  For more blog posts on estate planning and elder law, please visit  Attorney Stubberud ‘s blog at              By Laura Stubberud I am often asked what is the one thing… Continue Reading


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  I’m resolved this year to be so positive that those around me can’t help but to take some to use in their own battles with adversity  and negativity.   My clients come to me because they have overwhelming problems in dealing with their work injury- either medically, vocationally, emotionally, financially, or all of these things… Continue Reading

Holiday Specials- Reduced Attorney’s Fees and Gift Cards

Posted in Miscellaneous
Simply wishing injured workers "Happy Holidays" isn’t enough when I know that for most of you the holidays bring added stress financially.  I’m therefore running two Holiday Specials.  The first five injured workers who post a helpful tip or some positive words of encouragement to injured workers on my office Facebook  wall page will receive a $50 gift card. … Continue Reading

Caring for an Elderly Parent

Posted in Miscellaneous
I got behind in my blogging while I made a quick trip to North Carolina for a week of helping to care for my father.  He is undergoing radiation for throat cancer for seven weeks, and needs help with transportation to the oncology center, help with nutrition and self care, and coordination of other doctor… Continue Reading

Construction Accidents

Posted in Miscellaneous
With unemployment in Nevada at an all-time high, construction workers who are injured on the job are afraid to report and file workers’ compensation claims. However, those who delay and then discover that they have a serious injury that may require surgery will regret that they did not follow the steps below. The risk of your employer… Continue Reading

Advanced Settlement Loan Companies

Posted in Miscellaneous
Occasionally, one of my clients asks me to sign a lien agreement with  a company offering to advance money to the client based on the client’s potential permanent partial disability award at the end of his claim.  I have never agreed to sign one of these agreements.  These advance settlement firms have been around a long… Continue Reading

Happy 15th Anniversary, Vanessa!

Posted in Miscellaneous
On February 6, 2010, my officer manager and legal assistant extraordinaire, Vanessa Cohen, will be with me 15 years.   Vanessa is the most organized person I have ever met, and she is responsible for making our office run like a well-oiled machine, even on days when every client seems to call at the same time and needs… Continue Reading

Free Training For Employees Offered By DIR

Posted in Miscellaneous
The Workers’ Compensation Section of the Division of Industrial Relations has asked us to spread the word that they are offering a free training session for employees on injured workers’ legal rights, how to file a claim, what to do if the employer is uninsured, claims process deadlines, etc. on Wednesday, October 14, 1:30- 3:30… Continue Reading

Surviving the Tough Times

Posted in Miscellaneous, psychological injury
 Some questions I receive from injured workers have nothing to do with workers’ compensation law, but are instead about how to make it through the difficult times following a work accident.   Few people can pay all necessary bills for very long on workers’ comp benefits of only two-thirds of their average monthly wage. Most injured… Continue Reading