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Thinking of Starting Your Own Business After Your Work Injury?

Posted in Vocational rehabilitation
The reality is that many injured workers are not offered permanent light duty jobs by their employers after their  treating doctors give them permanent work restrictions that prevent them from going back to their usual jobs.  Employers cannot be forced under Nevada workers’ compensation law to give permanent light duty jobs to injured employees.  Instead,… Continue Reading

The Learning Center- Technology Training Center

Posted in Vocational rehabilitation
Today, I spent an informative afternoon touring The Learning Center with owner Linda Montgomery.  Linda founded this IT  technical training center 26 years ago. Her  impressive facility, housing over 250 computers,  has been located for 3 years at 777 N. Rainbow, just past U.S. 95.  TLC provides IT certification training to many of Nevada’s largest corporations  who… Continue Reading

Will You Need Retraining?

Posted in Vocational rehabilitation
If you are seriously hurt on the job, and think that you might not be able to return to your old occupation, you may need to be retrained to do a different  kind of work.  Under  Nevada workers’ compensation law, you may qualify for vocational rehabilitation services and benefits if your treating doctor gives you permanent work restrictions that prevent… Continue Reading

Surviving Job Loss: First, Get a Notebook

Posted in Vocational rehabilitation
Injured workers who have permanent physical restrictions that prevent them from returning to their old jobs are usually separated from their old employer and assigned a vocational rehabilitation counselor.  That independent counselor’s job is to help  you develop a retraining program over the next 60 days that can be presented to the adjuster for approval.… Continue Reading

Starting a New Business in Nevada

Posted in Vocational rehabilitation
For many injured workers who are unable to return to their old jobs due a permanent injury, a formal program of retraining with a vocational rehabilitation counselor may not be an option, or may not be the best option.  Hispanic employees who have difficulty reading and writing English, for example, will not be able to… Continue Reading

Conversation with a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

Posted in Vocational rehabilitation
I sat down recently with seasoned vocational rehabilitation counselor Jeff Shea to discuss  how the depressed local job market  was affecting Nevada’s injured workers who are referred for vocational rehabilitation services.  Jeff is no stranger to overcoming physical adversities himself, and an injured worker cannot complain that Jeff does not personally know how to deal with the extra… Continue Reading