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Your Privacy and Medical Authorization Releases

Posted in Medical Care
Some third-party administrators of Nevada workers’ compensation claims routinely send injured workers their own medical release forms which give the adjuster authorization to request any and all medical records from any medical providers.  I don’t have my clients sign those overly broad medical releases.  They are an invasion of the injured worker’s privacy, and injured … Continue Reading

Injured Workers Wrongfully Billed for Medical Care

Posted in Medical Care
 If you are an injured worker with an accepted workers’ compensation claim in Nevada, you should not be receiving bills from hospitals, radiologists, labs, doctors, or physical therapists for treatment that was authorized by your adjuster. In fact, it is against the law for medical providers  on claims they know are accepted to bill the … Continue Reading

What Happens When You Refuse Treatment on Your Work Comp Claim

Posted in Medical Care
 Nevada injured workers with neck or back injuries frequently ask about what will happen to their claim if they refuse a particular treatment recommendation.   Usually those Nevada injured workers have not noticed improvement in their neck or back injuries after several sessions of physical therapy, medication  and job restrictions. Their treating doctor may then refer the patient … Continue Reading

Unfairly Surprised by Your Doctor’s Work Release?

Posted in Medical Care
An injured worker should get a physician progress report that says whether he or she is released to work with restrictions, or is still off work, before leaving the doctor's office. If the doctor didn't discuss return to work or restrictions, the injured worker should ask to speak to the doctor again immediately. If the doctor isn't discussing work status with the patient, the injured worker might want to request a different doctor… Continue Reading

Neck Pain Update on Physical Therapy

Posted in Medical Care
I promised to give my honest assessment on whether the McKenzie Method used by the physical therapist I am seeing is helping me.  Today, back at work with many people needing to get back on track with their medical care and benefits on their claims after a long holiday weekend, my neck is stiffer than … Continue Reading

Neck and Low Back Pain- Does Physical Therapy Help?

Posted in Medical Care
I’ve had a couple clients referred by local neurosurgeons to a particular physical therapist who is certified in  the McKenzie’s Protocol, and I decided to investigate this personally.  I’ve got  chronic neck pain from various horse-related accidents over the years, and am always searching for ways to increase my range of motion.  I also want … Continue Reading

Nurses and Attendants at Risk for Low Back Injuries

Posted in Medical Care
 Back injuries, followed closely by shoulder injuries, are the most common job-related injuries for my clients in the nursing field.  Nurses, and those employed as nursing attendants are at high risk for these injuries primarily because they must transfer patients from beds to gurneys or to wheel chairs, or to baths. A new law in California requires hopsitals to … Continue Reading