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Impressive Physical Therapist in Henderson

Posted in Medical Care
Most injured workers who hire attorneys do so because they are not satisfied with the medical care they are getting for their work injury.  Although I am limited by current law to selecting medical providers on a particular insurer’s provider list, I consider it a very important part of my job to make sure that… Continue Reading

Choose Your Doctor Legislation: Need Testimony and Letters

Posted in Legislative proposals, Medical Care
Nevada injured workers can do something about the current law that limits their choice of treating doctors to those on their industrial insurers’ provider lists.  The Nevada Chiropractic Association has sponsored a bill, AB 187,  that would amend current law and would allow injured workers to treat with a doctor who is willing to accept… Continue Reading

Neurosurgeon Randal Peoples on Neck and Back Surgery

Posted in Medical Care
Neurosurgeon Randal Peoples, M.D. spoke to a dozen claimants’ attorneys and  interested health care providers recently about his philosophy in treating spinal injuries.  He acknowledged that he has a reputation for being conservative about recommending surgery and stated that being a good surgeon is knowing when not to operate. Dr. Peoples emphasized that the patient’s… Continue Reading

The Blame Game- Unhealthy Lifestyles and Work Comp

Posted in Medical Care, Uncategorized
I believe that people are responsible for their actions in life, particularly  decisions they make that affect their own personal health.  Although I represent injured people, I may personally  disagree with a sensational jury verdict against a deep-pocket corporation where it doesn’t appear that the plaintiff (person suing) was looking out for their own health… Continue Reading

Prescription Help for Injured Workers

Posted in Medical Care, Uncategorized
Yesterday I met with Amie Pellegrini, the Nevada business manager for IW Pharmacy, an online prescription company that services injured workers.  My staff and I have been having such difficulty getting prescriptions filled timely for clients, with many administrators using intermediary drug companies that only confuse and delay medication fills. This company promises to quickly… Continue Reading

Your Privacy and Medical Authorization Releases

Posted in Medical Care
Some third-party administrators of Nevada workers’ compensation claims routinely send injured workers their own medical release forms which give the adjuster authorization to request any and all medical records from any medical providers.  I don’t have my clients sign those overly broad medical releases.  They are an invasion of the injured worker’s privacy, and injured… Continue Reading

Injured Workers Wrongfully Billed for Medical Care

Posted in Medical Care
 If you are an injured worker with an accepted workers’ compensation claim in Nevada, you should not be receiving bills from hospitals, radiologists, labs, doctors, or physical therapists for treatment that was authorized by your adjuster. In fact, it is against the law for medical providers  on claims they know are accepted to bill the… Continue Reading

What Happens When You Refuse Treatment on Your Work Comp Claim

Posted in Medical Care
 Nevada injured workers with neck or back injuries frequently ask about what will happen to their claim if they refuse a particular treatment recommendation.   Usually those Nevada injured workers have not noticed improvement in their neck or back injuries after several sessions of physical therapy, medication  and job restrictions. Their treating doctor may then refer the patient… Continue Reading